Mediation & Arbitration

At Hill Rivkins, we understand that in many legal matters, the expenses of trial are not reconcilable with the client’s budget. In those situations, our attorneys are well versed in the alternative means of resolving the client’s problem. With a strong record of success in both arbitrations and mediations, Hill Rivkins delivers when the stakes are high.

Hill Rivkins’ attorneys can provide sound advice on: arbitration, in which parties try their cases before a neutral arbitrator or panel vested with the power to deliver a binding decision; and in mediation, where the parties engage a neutral third party in the hopes of reaching a mutually-agreeable settlement. Regardless of the process, Hill Rivkins has and will continue to lead our clients through the ADR process to cost-effective and expedient resolution.

Representative Arbitrations include:

  • Hill Rivkins successfully represented shipowners in their New York Arbitration of the wrongful termination of a long-term shipping contract/chartering agreement with a Venezuelan Government controlled iron company. Hill Rivkins recovered significant damages and attorneys fees on behalf of the shipowners.
  • Successfully defended a major vessel classification society in New York Arbitration against a $3 million claim arising from the destruction by fire of an ocean-going pleasure yacht.
  • Successful representation of an international chemical producer in the arbitration of a breach of charter party claim in connection with the carriage and contamination of gas cargoes aboard the LPG/C IGLOO NORSE. Hill Rivkins recovered substantial damages and attorneys fees on behalf of the client.
  • Successful representation of insurance underwriter and assured in an international arbitration against the owners of the M/V ASPEN TRADER held in the 27th Civil Court of Santiago, Chile.

Representative Mediations include:

  • In the last year, Hill Rivkins successfully mediated several large cases involving losses of high value electronic goods, where the third party logistics suppliers asserted limitations of liability. By suing all the subcontractors involved and by asserting that negligence vitiates the limitation, we were able to recover sums far in excess of the purported limitations.


  • Several Hill Rivkins attorneys serve as arbitrators and mediators in third-party commercial disputes